Interns Diary

Our extended team members who are working hard to create a revolution in the financial technical analysis world-

Rashi Razdan

So my life mutating journey with The Financial Doctors has finally completed one year today, and still, I can not buy the fact that it’s been just a year! From being naïve, directionless and the one who actually did not know what to do in life, to the person I’ve become now, the journey has been a beautiful one with millstones of ups and downs. Being very candid at the moment, it all started with a random application on Internshala as I was bored of sitting spare at weekends and [...]

Riddhi Kansal

The urge to explore the world, learn about different disciplines, discover my own self, and have knowledge of the possible, motivates me to research and grab as much as possible. Like any other student, I was searching for those bright lights that would brighten up my interests and would make me walk an extra mile to pursue what I really want. Originally from the science background, I wanted to [...]

Saurabh Aggarwal

My life with Stocks started in Class 8th. I watched NDTV Profit and wondered what was written on the bottom of the screen. In simple words, I was told it is the price of “SHARES”. Mathematics being my favorite, numbers fascinated me always. My dad always told me, Stock market is highly volatile and people LOSE EVRYTHING in it. It is like “जुआ“. Few years later, I started reading about Mr. Warren Buffet, how he started at an early age of eleven [...]

Ashmeet Kaur

For me, it all began back in 11th grade when I was a completely directionless and capricious kid who couldn’t decide which subject to pick along with PCM. It was then that two of my teachers made me pick Economics, who knew I’d completely fall in love with the subject. Now, I’m an Economics major in Delhi University. During my second semester, a similar thing happened and I was coerced into taking up ‘Investing in Stock Markets’ as [...]

Mohammed Imran

Having studied science during my schooling, I had absolutely zero knowledge about the field of Finance and Business. I decided to pursue Business Administration, instead of the “popular” Engineering courses, at Hyderabad. While the academic curriculum introduced me to business and finance theoretical knowledge, I felt something was missing. My inquisitive nature pushed me to explore opportunities which would help fill up the learning [...]

Adwiti Agarwal

An average person needs to be an investor to beat the inflation and economy, a fact of which I’m quite aware of. I wish I had started trading earlier, perhaps around the age of 15 years. I believe everyone around that age should be made financially aware in schools, itself. Our economy can only flourish from this. I often feel that I have made a mistake in choosing streams after school since its all ultimately leading to something as mainstream as MBA [...]

Nimisha Jain

When I decided to pursue Chartered Accountancy little did I know that this path is going to be extremely difficult. It took a good number of attempts to clear the second level of the course. I am still stuck at the Final level. This course has taught me two most important things and they are, being patient and how to take failures. As time went by, I realized that I do not want to do a “9 to 5 Job” sitting at one desk for my life doing monotonous work. I want to travel the world and work [...]

Aditya Somani

I always keep on saying that I am not him or her, I am unique, one of my own kind. But the question “Who you are? What’s your story and your vision?” left me in my deepest thoughts, maybe I don’t know myself, there is much more to explore. Stock markets have always fascinated me as a money making [...]

Ruchita Garg

To begin with, let me tell you about my childhood dream to become an archaeologist. Yes, nothing related to finance or commerce was my initial dream. Then I opted for commerce in my high school because humanities doesn’t sound good and science (chemistry mainly) was way out of my league. 11th standard passed away in a blink of an eye and then came the dreadful 12th where I actually got serious about my studies. This is when I realised [...]

Pranav Gupta

Parents- “stay away from stock markets, its volatile, we are the experienced lot”, friends- “it’s a gambling you gambler” okay so despite these concerns and warnings, my love for the stock market did not decline, I was adamant enough. “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because somebody planted a tree a year ago”, that’s what warren buffet say and this really hit me, hit me at dangerous spot (my mind), what did you think [...]

Amitha Prabhu

It all started when I was 16 years old. The results were in my hand and the dilemma of choices in my mind but everyone around me were like “Beta, it’s the turning point of your life. What’s your next course of action?” Being in the Indian society, it was a myth that all the toppers would take up science and the rest who didn’t fall into that group eventually took [...]

Kanupriya Sheopuri

25 May 2015 Board Exam Results: Declared! 94.75% (not as good as the latest DU's cut off fad is going) Here begins my story. Got through NIT, NIFT, BITS, CLAT ! Ok I got a little more than I expected but what was I supposed to do? Engineering because I had Science! Period. No ! How could I forget ~ECONOMICS? That one subject [...]

Partho Mukherjee

Being from an Engineering Background Finance was a complete alien field for me. I never really had an interest in Finance since the beginning. It was during my Sixth Semester when I started taking few of the Finance courses just to fill my Elective Slots. The attempt was to get something that could [...]

Pratyush Shah

I wish I would have started much earlier. Don’t get me wrong, I am 19 but yes, I do wish that. Earlier, I used to be a mismanaged and unplanned boy but what I knew was that my final aim is to earn money. Fortunately, I took Commerce instead of Science and the journey began. The more I got to know about the financial world the more I was intrigued. I enjoyed studying various cases and what [...]


I read the book "Rich dad Poor Dad" a year back since then I got interested in trading and investing. I was reading on my own but that wasn't enough. Then I applied for this internship to help me in my learning process. It's been a great learning experience as of now with such friendly mentors. I am totally loving [...]

Harman Khurana

Like every other dreamer trying to make it big, I began my college life last year when I finally got in Delhi University.

In my second semester, I developed a keen interest in one of the subjects called 'Introduction to finance and its applications'. It immediately struck a chord. After I was done with my exams, I looked for summer internships. After some hardwork, I finally found 'The Financial Doctors'. The word “interpretation of stock market" caught [...]

Shray Madan

So I was in my 11th standard when I had started with commerce ,and all of it was so new, and at this age you are bombarded with the question, " What are you going to do in future?" Now, I always pictured myself doing something amazing and life changing that will eventually make me happy, something I am [...]

Prachi Sharma

Being a Chartered Accountant Student, I obviously had all the theoretical knowledge of Forex and Financial Markets and knew everything about Futures, Options, Risk Management etc. But the theory is always boring, RIGHT.?? And though the daily banters of CNBC Aawaz or NDTV Profits on the lines like, “Aaj SENSEX upar gaya” or “There’s a good buying opportunity in …….” always fascinated me, but I used to be little [...]

Sadique Abbas

I'm Sadique Abbas from Patna and currently being trained as a finance student by 'The Financial Doctors'. A product of Amity Patna, doing BBA In final year. My story is all about sequence, focus and dedication, the one who had some failures [...]

Prakhar Nema

7.9%, this is the annual GDP growth rate of the country and I, Prakhar Nema am aspiring to make it to a two digit scalar. Thus, I am pursuing BSc. Finance from NMIMS, Mumbai. When someone asked me “Who are you and what’s your story?” I realized the deeper meaning behind it and dwelt over a thought and realized that [...]

Prabhkiran Kaur

One day in school, during my 12th standard I wondered, why I took economics as a subject. Hating a subject to this extend didn’t happen to me any time before this. And then, just a month before my board exams I sat with the economics book with the aim to finish my syllabus. I studied for 16 hours at a stretch and developed a unique love for the subject. Today, I am a student of Sri Guru Gobind Singh College Of Commerce, Delhi University, pursuing under graduation [...]

Anmol Marwah

Before beginning with my job, I wanted to gain some practical experience in capital markets and when I found this internship programme, without any delay I applied for it. My ultimate aim in life is to be a Senior Fund Manager at a Mutual Fund and I want to pursue my trades using Technical Analysis as I find it a much better strategy because it helps to time the market which is very important to succeed in this market. It has been a great experience till now as I've [...]

Kumar Abhishek

My story has seen the highs of seven skies and the lows of six feet under. It's a story most common amongst Indian youngsters. The tale of a mindless rat race. IITJEE! Kota! The only son of a middle class Indian family with hopes and expectations! The misunderstood feelings of adolescence and dreams far-fetched, have all been a part of my life. The lines with which I started scribbling this article about me were written [...]

Shravani Sarma

I always believe that, as you start out, while you should have a big dream - a big goal - but it's also important to move step by step. So, you know, frankly, if you ask me, when I started as a management trainee in 1984, I don't know that I really thought that I would become the CEO. Chanda Kochar, one of the most known faces of our era and one who have set a firm position in the world’s most powerful women said these [...]

Roshni Thoppilan

I live a pretty simple life. Not saying nothing happens in it or that I do not do anything to have fun, I am saying I live the cliché life that I am lucky for. As most of the parents want their child to become either an engineer or a doctor, I landed up being an ELECTRONICS AND TELECOM engineer with seriously no clue why I was there. I just followed blindly what my parents decided for me. I managed to bag a good placement from college at Infosys. I was all [...]

Pankhuri Nagpal

I always knew finance and I will go a long way. The Financial Doctors is the initial push I desperately needed. I had economics as my majors in Daulat Ram College. I never considered post-graduation in economics as even an option. I realised my deep fantasies for finance in the later years of college. So if we look back in time, the tiny bits of finance taught in high school (like there was financial management in Business Studies and Company Accounts in Accountancy) [...]

Rahul Jindal

I can recall when I entered my college, there were many societies to choose from, but I didn’t find that edge in any of them. I’m fascinated with field of finance. I was enticed by stock markets and always wanted to learn the art of trading in the stock market. I came to know about The Financial Doctors through the college placement cell, and that’s when my mind said - “This is it”. T.F.D built that door for me, I applied for it and got selected [...]

Rushika Mamidipelli

After a long gap in my career, I got an opportunity which showed a path to start once again. Being just a finance graduate, I’m not much aware of Advanced Practical Concepts of Financial Markets and Trading. When this opportunity came, I was a bit worried whether I can succeed in this and come with a good result or not. But my husband gave me confidence which helped in taking up the challenge. Initially, when internship [...]

Jatin Mandal

I want to become a financial trader, so I am always curious to know various aspects of stock market. I did Global Financial Markets Professional (GFMP) Program as on 21/11/2014 affiliated to NSDC - National Skill Development Corporation Institution, BSE INSTITUTE LIMITED and I have NISM CERTIFICATION (31 MAY 2016 – 16 May 2019) NISM ­Series­ VIII: Equity Derivatives Certification and scored [...]

Deepto Sengupta

No, I am not bragging: Mischievous - My Reality, Extraordinary- My Dream. And this is probably the reason why I am here. Well, working as an Intern in the prestigious company, ‘The Financial Doctors’, has given me this opportunity to share my Vision & Dreams with the world & here comes the monotonous story of the least interesting boy, known widely for bunking classes & escaping studies for playing all sorts of stuff. Whether it is cricket, badminton, table tennis or may be [...]

Nihar Ranjan Pati

I joined this platform to learn how to trade. I had heard that some big players are just into trading and that they live by trading, breathe trading, and this had always made me curious as to how they do this & make such huge profits. This curiosity has always motivated me to learn the principles of trading [...]

Alina Rizvi

“People don’t always do different things, they do things differently” The Financial Doctors totally abides by the above quote and they are passing it on to their interns without a doubt. Everyone out there is trading, buying when price is down and selling when price is up…well that’s the simple rule. NO SURPRISE but people end up in losses… the rule was simple right??? I don’t think so…So what do I learn at the financial doctors?? Break the rule!!! That should be the [...]

Avneet Kaur

I belong to a family where nobody knows what trading is, what investment in shares, debentures means.

Rather most of them consider it as speculation and gambling. This made me more curious to know and learn about trading and analysing the market. In 12th standard I was send with a friend of mine to represent our school in a mock stock competition. At that time [...]

Shubhangi Sharma

When you are from a middle class family, you are asked (by almost every शुभचिंतक) to go for the safest career option; mostly, teaching. Now and then you are being told the stories of some distant uncle who dared to choose a different course in life altogether, challenging the mechanism of a middle class family, and took the risk of investing in the 'unpredictable' (as they call it) market, just to end up with a sold house and a ruined [...]

Achal Patel

It is true what they say about different people influencing you even so, that you change yourself. Not only they change you, they even change your interests. Not only do you start liking those things, you start to love them. You cannot step away from it. You want to hold it like cinderella and never let it [...]

Samriddhi Tiwari

I hail from Dhana small town in Madhya Pradesh and I am pursuing Bachelor in Commerce Taxation ( Final year) from Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya Indore. I have a flair in writing. I love to write articles based on experiences of others and mine too. I am a professional Book reviewer also .I always keen to learn new things in life because I believe by learning new things I am exploring and opening doors for many opportunities. I believe in gaining [...]

Mahima Masand

So, like any other student I have pictured myself doing something new and amazing. But with one thing different, I don’t want to limit my knowledge to only one area. I want to explore things, experience stuff and mainly gain perception as much as I can. Because I believe learning isn’t the stage that goes off with age, it always remains within you. So, I decided to take commerce and landed eventually in one of the colleges of Delhi University. Then, is the stage [...]

Manisha Sabharwal

Trading has been on my mind for a quite a few days now. I finally made a profit of 70 rupees today and the fact that it was not sheer luck made me JUST SO HAPPY. I am gradually learning a lot here. I have created a technique too which I hope passes. This is turning out to be the most useful internship I ever did Thank you, The TFD Team and specially Vishwa Kalra Sir […]

Vartika Chaturvedi

I am a huge Bollywood buff. You know how in Zindagi na Milegi Dobara, Hritik is all stock market related and really rich? That's when I realized I want to do something like that only. Earn till 40 and then relax. And when I found this internship it was like a dream come true. I have learned so much here. All the experimenting is so fascinating. Realising I may have an edge over people always boosts your confidence and this programme is helping me [...]

Vinam Vora

Being the first child I have always taken responsibility of the family. My parents have always considered me to be strong, sporty and they think I can achieve anything and everything in my life. Since childhood they made me independent enough to take my decisions. I have always been a favorite student and it is because of the blessings of teachers and parents i have reached here. Career and education has [...]

Vivek Kumar

I always try to express my thoughts in very simple terms, it make me easy to understand myself and for other also. I was always passionate about to know the market, I am hearing so many things about the market from my childhood but as now I have passed my BBA last year then after I decided to enter in the finance market. I applied for internship in some firm but I rejected from there and finally I got selection on the best “The Financial Doctors”. Now I want to look myself like […]

Nitisha Bharadwaj

I’m fascinated with field of finance. I live life with the motto “Tough times never last, but tough people do”. I’m a graduate from Mumbai University. My dream is to become a successful Chartered Accountant. The one thing life has taught me until now is that failures are nothing but stepping stones to success and pursuing one of the toughest professional course has helped me master the art of dealing with them […]

Anurag Jain

So, my DU Semester exams had just finished & now I was free for around 2 months. It was only 3rd day of my much awaited vacation when my mom said “Nikamme, ghar me hi pada rhio saaara time”. Later I heard that my friends had also started their internships in different places. This gave me a bit heartbreak & I also decided to do something similar. But being a lazy couch potato, I was not willing to move [...]

Pratik Uday

My interest for stock market is from the age of 14 because of my father. I saw him investing from my childhood days. I pursue MBA Finance for my higher studies as I always want to work in Financial Markets. I started investing in stock market from the age of 19 and always got scolded by my mom for investing money in Professional Gambling i.e. Stock Market. My Passion for working and investing in stock market is increasing day by day [...]

Megha Pandey

Another long vacation from college, one day..two days..three..four, like this days were passing and I was sitting idle at home just because of this one thought that struck my head before vacations - "no… this time I don’t want to go away from home, doing some internship", rather I just wanted to be a couch potato. But nooo, that wasn’t a possibility. The irony lays in the fact that I can never sit without any work. So after a few days at home […]

Sagar Uppal

I have always liked mathematics and economics. I'm fascinated with the field of finance and got to know about stock market when I was in class 6th. My father used to trade in stock market. One day, I asked him "how do you invest in shares?". He replied " I have a broker and whenever there's an opportunity to buy or sell. He gives me a call and I do the same". And I was like, what if I become that broker or someone who's able to analyze the price movement […]

Devanshi Shah

Since, I am gradually developing interest in the field of finance. I was very curious to know what financial markets are. Cut to being an intern at “The Financial Doctors” – I learnt technical analysis just in a month’s time from no clue at all to now trying to have an edge on it. Each session was exiting and best part was trading. I now understood how important it is for all individuals to have knowledge of financial markets. My aim in life is to help businesses manage their finances and see […]

Piyush Agarwal

The financial market in India is- neither much known nor much trusted upon. Even I belonged to the majority. Having no acquaintance to the markets, made it even more difficult for me to inquire. "Financial Markets Trainee & Technical Strategy Development" by The Financial Doctor is one of a kind internship opportunity were a bunch of semi-trained and untrained aspirants, like me […]

Isha Kumar

My resolve today to make something worthy of myself comes from a bitter-sweet experience I had three years ago. Back then, I wasn’t sure about a career and took my interest in sciences as a sign of passion. During the time, I came across a documentary on Warren Buffet and that is when I started seriously pondering on management education. Well, which finance savvy person hasn’t been a warren buffet follower, right? That’s where most of the […]

Soumajit Sen

There was always a constant urge in me to study and see financial markets and was fascinated by those giant screens we see in an exchange. Although there were many divisions but stock market and trading were something which I always wanted to try out. I had read a few testimonials and most of them suggested not to indulge in stock market investment or they are rather risky but I was keen on checking it out for myself and to my luck, I [...]

Shyam Sunder Gupta

I was always fascinated by the word “Exchange”. In primary class we learnt about barter and its evolution into money. But what excited me the most was a platform where we can exchange ownership. With increasing age my curiosity also rose and I started engaging myself into the financial field. I attended broker’s office for few months, worked hard and learnt how trading is done in real time […]

Payal Soni

It was nearing the end of my first year in college. Like every other college student, I was searching for summer internships without any luck. That is when my best friend calls me and tells me about this amazing internship she found, urging me to apply. Best decision I ever made. Being a PCM student and having had just completed my first year as an Economics Honours student, I had no idea what I was supposed to do in a field completely alien to me. What […]

Shivam Gaba

The idea of financial markets first captivated me while choosing my higher education stream when CBSE introduced Commerce based Vocational Course- ‘Financial Markets Management’. Fortunately, it was available only in my school. The zeal to do something extraordinary in the field of finance grew within me in those two years. I got a clear picture of what stock market actually is and what people have made it with false assumptions […]

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